Illustrated Case Reports in Neurology                                                                                            قیمت : 2000000 ریال                       


This book discusses 43 patients with definitely diagnosed neurological diseases in the Iranian population. The approach of the authors is resolutely practical as they have tried to introduce and discuss clinical and laboratory findings step by step. In addition, the latest and most practical diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms are collected that provide a practical approach to diagnosis and management, which make the book easier to consult. The related tables help the huge volume of the material to be reviewed succinctly. The use of radiologic figures, biopsy samples, and laboratory findings has added to the richness of the content. For each disease, a list of differential Diagnosis is presented and then discussed. The “Key Points” section, at the end of each chapter, provides a brief summary at a glance.

This book is the result of several months of outstanding efforts of authors and the revision of the content by experts in this field in our country. This book as a valid resource is intended for everyone interested in clinical neurology, especially neurologists and residents, to gain comprehensive and concise knowledge of the most important neurological disease.

Please do not hesitate to share with us your invaluable comments to improve the next editions. We are deeply appreciative of our colleagues as this work would not have been possible without their contribution.


Hossein Pakdaman, MD

Professor of Neurology

President of Iranian Neurological Association

Chair of Neurology Department, ShahidBeheshti University of Medical Sciences,

Tehran, Iran



مولفین: دکتر حسین پاکدامن ، دکتر فرزاد اشرفی ، دکتر علی امینی هرندی

سال و نوبت چاپ : اول/ 1394

قیمت : 2000000 ریال

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